At Paul’s Maple Products, we pride ourselves on being one of the longest running maple producers in Ontario with over 130 years of production history.

As settlers of Dalhousie (Lanark) in the late 1820s, maple syrup production began as a necessity. The Pauls created maple syrup and hard maple sugar bricks as natural year-round sweeteners for cooking and baking before expanding into the public market. In the 1970s, my grandparents Brien and Marion took production to a whole new level. They were among the first in Ontario to install a reverse osmosis machine and some of the first producers to use the pipeline system you see in sugar bushes all over Ontario today. The sugar bush expanded from 800 taps to a couple of thousand. They were true innovators of their time and pillars of the maple community, which earned them a spot in the International Maple Syrup Hall of Fame in Vermont. My father Darrell and my uncle Wayne became invaluable assets to keep such an operation running and made some innovative changes of their own to improve sap production.

After learning the many hard lessons of the four previous generations, it has become my honour to continue the family legacy. With a little luck and countless hours of help from friends and family, it will continue for years to come. My partner Gabrielle and I are doing our best to fill the shoes of our predecessors and we are grateful to share the same passion for maple syrup production that has been passed down through my family for generations. Moving into the modern age, we are adding our own creative ideas while keeping true to the traditions we’ve been taught.

My grandmother Marion always believed that there was something special in the soil and limestone that our trees grow on that gives our syrup an exceptional maple flavour. Many years of awards from syrup competitions may add some truth to that statement, but all our customers would agree that after tasting our syrup, it has become the benchmark against which they compare all others. We are very proud of our products, and only send out the very best to you, our customers, both new and ongoing. Without you, we could not do what we love most, making beautiful, sticky, and sweet maple syrup. We hope that we can carry on my family's lifelong work and keep the production going for years to come.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our maple products, thank you for your ongoing support.

- Nathan Paul

Jessie White, Gabrielle White and Nathan Paul pose for a photo in their sales booth at Maple Fest
Nathan Paul boiling syrup in an evaporator