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Maple syrup grade and colour classes

Ontario Grade A

  • Golden, delicate taste

  • Amber, rich taste

  • Dark, robust taste

  • Very Dark, strong taste

Grades vary by season, availability may be limited.

Maple syrup

Pure 100% natural maple syrup, available in golden, amber, dark and very dark grades. We boil our syrup on long flue flat pans which gives it a delightful, sweet and buttery flavour. These products can be kept frozen for freshness, use within 10 months after opening and refrigerate.

  • 500 mL glass foila $17

  • 500 mL glass kent $16

  • 250 mL glass kent $12

  • 500 mL nu can $17

  • 500 mL plastic jug $16

  • 1 L plastic jug $25

  • 2 L plastic jug $38

  • 4 L plastic jug $68

Maple candies

Made with the highest quality golden syrup, these little candies are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. The only ingredient is maple syrup!

  • Three-piece candy bag $2.50

  • One-piece candy bag $1.25

  • Ten-piece tray $8

  • Maple candies & chocolate ten-piece split tray $10

Granulated sugar

Full of magnesium and antioxidants, maple sugar is the healthiest choice for sweetener on the market. Refined from high quality maple syrup, we heat it and mix it until it becomes a fine golden granulated sugar. No bleaching or colouring is added during the process. This product acts like light brown sugar and will clump and dry over time.

  • 125g granulated sugar bag $6

  • 450g granulated sugar bag $13

Paul's Maple Dip Mix

Our original recipe, Paul's Maple Dip Mix is out of this world! This sweet, smoky and spicy dip mix is always a hit, enjoy with vegetables, chips or even on pork or chicken as a dry rub. Made with maple sugar, minced onion, beef bouillon and assorted spices. Just add mayonnaise, sour cream or plain yogurt and mix well.

  • One package $2.50


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